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Dahlia Tuber "Grab Bag"- Includes 3 Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tuber "Grab Bag"- Includes 3 Dahlia Tubers

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This listing is for a dahlia "Grab Bag" including 3 Dahlia Tubers of gardener's choice. 

Dahlias are one my all time favorite flowers to grow- I just love the wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes... their beauty is a sight to behold! So I'm excited to share these dahlia tubers from my garden so you can also experience the beauty. These are all dahlia tubers I dug last Fall, divided and carefully stored and tended to over the winter. They are all beautiful and healthy varieties that I simply don't have enough room for this year. 

Each "Grab Bag" will have 3 tubers (each tuber becomes an individual plant) of gardener's choice- some labeled, some not. (Photos included in this listing are some of the varieties included in the grab bags.) If you send me a photo of the ones that are not labeled when they bloom, I can most likely identify it for you. Tubers come in all shapes and sizes so it's normal to see some that are large, small or wonky. Each tuber is guaranteed to have a viable "eye" which is where the plant grows. Most individual tubers retail for over $10+ so this is a great and fun way to try some new dahlia varieties. Each order will come with basic growing instructions. 

Dahlia tubers are available for local pickup starting Thursday, April 25th. Pickup days and times are from 12pm-6pm Mon-Sat until sold out. Please note in the order comments when you would like to pickup. 

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