Petite garden in Cincinnati growing and designing specialty cut flowers inspired by the seasonal garden for everyday joie de vivre.


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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Lauren Harmon and I’m a first generation urban flower farmer growing specialty cut flowers from my home in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

While I’m a first generation flower farmer, I come from a long line of farmers, gardeners and nature admirers so you could say this seed was planted inside me long ago. Some of my first flower memories are of snipping daffodils from a neighbor to take to my Mom (I'm not the only one, right?!), sitting with my Great Grandma on her porch lined with purple clematis watching mockingbirds and drawing farm scenes, and going to flower shows with my Grandma and watching her lovingly tend her flower garden. I went on to grow my own garden and found joy being in nature and visiting gardens including Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris where my husband proposed (hence the name “Le Jardin”). 

I found myself at a turning point in my professional career, and, after many years of dreaming that someday I may have the opportunity to create my own business, I took the leap and decided to bloom where I’ve been planted. I dug up most of the grass in our backyard and turned it into about 3,500 square feet of dedicated cut flower growing space. Le Jardin Harmon officially began to bloom in 2023 after taking many flower farming and designing courses (Floret WorkshopWillow Crossley, Sarah Raven and La MUSA de las FLORES), mentoring and volunteering with other flower farmers, and growing thousands of plants from seed in my basement. 

The Garden in Early Summer

Currently, I offer bouquet subscriptions and custom arrangements (for local delivery or pickup), buckets of flowers for DIY events and small weddings, as well as other special seasonal delights using specialty cut flowers from April through early October (as Mother Nature allows). The season starts with heirloom narcissus, ranunculus and French double tulips in the Spring and ends in the Summer/Early Fall with gorgeous varieties of zinnias, cosmos, celosia and dahlias just to name a few.

Most flowers are grown by me from seed or using my own established perennials. Flowers are harvested at their peak readiness, properly conditioned and typically delivered within 48 hours resulting in fresh, long lasting bouquets. On occasion, when I need to supplement flowers, I make every effort to source from other local Cincinnati and Ohio based flower farmers who are committed to the same quality practices. I am committed to growing and offering fresh local flowers and partnering with other local businesses and florists. 

I believe that individuals can make a big difference in their own backyards and that many small actions can lead to great impact. I steward my little piece of land using natural practices to build a safe and healthy environment for the bees, butterflies, bugs and birds that call it home. I don't spray or use pesticides and I focus on building soil health with limited tilling and adding nutrients back to the soil, regenerative practices such as composting, and growing many native plants. Since starting the garden, the amount of brimming life has exploded! It's a delight to see yellow finches, hummingbirds, many varieties of butterflies and bees, hawks and beneficial insects on a daily basis. 

Pollinator Friendly

My floral design is inspired by the seasonal garden and influenced by French natural style with a touch of whimsy. Bouquets feature what’s currently growing at the moment and are thoughtfully designed to highlight their natural beauty. 

Mid Summer Bouquet

Flowers have a way of reminding you of the past while also making you appreciate the fleeting beauty and magic of the present moment. I hope these flowers provide a little joie de vivre to your everyday! Thanks for growing with me!










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